Masuya Japanese Restaurant

The origin of our group restaurants Masuya Restaurant was founded in 1993. At the time of a thorough renovation in 2006, architect Robart Toland installed an approx. five-meter long sushi counter, designed in ‘kabuki red’ with an idea of the stage of kabuki, which has since fascinated local Australian customers, etc. The counter displays more than 15 different sushi ingredients everyday including locally produced fish. Relish our delicious meals along with a variety of carefully-selected boutique wines in the sophisticated atmosphere.

Izakaya masuya

IZAKAYA MASUYA is the first izakaya-style restaurant in Australia, introducing Japanese sake (junmai-shu) from various areas in Japan.
At lunchtime, a range of takeaway menus including nutritiously-balanced BENTO (lunchbox) menus and a variety of sushi rolls and DONBURI (rice bowl) menus attracts local customers. Our sushi rolls prepared with brown rice and vegetarian rolls are popular among health-conscious customers. The store serves various dinner menus from delicious wagyu beef to grilled chicken, oden, kobachi dishes, and hot-pot menus. The owner of the store visits sake breweries in Japan and purchase only the best ones. The range of Japanese sake at the store is chosen after thorough discussions with sake sommeliers of our company with the consideration of food menus. The concept of the store is to convey the beauty of Japanese sake to the world including Australia.

Miso Japanese "Teishoku"

Miso is a traditional signature food in Japan, which is made of soy beans. With ‘miso’ as its business concept, Miso Japanese “Teishoku” was open on March 10, 2008. The staff enthusiastically learns about organic vegetables and balanced nutrition everyday in order to be able to deliver healthy yet delicious ‘teishoku’ (set menu) with their heart. Since the store is closed on Sundays, it is planning to open the space for local communities for lessons such as yoga, flower arrangement, tea ceremony, etc.

Sushi Bar MAKOTO Chatswood

The beautiful interior décor consists of carbon walls and a high ceiling with glamorous curved lines. The space produces an enjoyable time, in which you can relish fresh seasonal seafood from the Fish Market everyday. Since its opening in 2004, Makoto Chatswood has become a local favourite as the store welcome 500 customers daily despite of the total number of the seats is only 57. A la carte and special desserts prepared in the upstairs kitchen are also popular. The store’s goal is making an annual profit of 500 million yen.

Masuya Suisan(Facebook)

Opened in February, 2016, Masuya Suisan provides fresh seafood from Sydney Fish Market everyday. With an awareness of ‘local-production for local consumption for agricultural products,’ the store serves their customers with fresh seafood, the best quality Aussie wagyu beef, and wagyu ingredients. The market-like atmosphere can be enjoyed by people in any generations and with any background.

Makoto Bento(Facebook)

Being conscious about the importance of nutrition balance, Makoto Bento was opened in December 2014 within convenient Chatswood Station with a concept of ‘eat to be healthy’. Other than obento menus, which have been popular among local people for business events, other events including schools, etc., the store provides ‘teishoku’ menus (set menu), for which customers can choose side dishes from healthy lineups, carefully selected wagyu beef and highly-applauded hot-pot menus prepared with fresh seafood, which are directly purchased from the market. This liquor licensed restaurant creates a comfortable atmosphere, in which customers spend a relaxed time with friends after work.

Izakaya Michi(Facebook)

Situated on the ground floor of Arc by Crown Group, Izakaya Michi provides a sophisticated modern Japanese atmosphere designed by an Australian female designer. After the opening in December 2018, the restaurant has been satisfying local customers delicious meals including ramen noodles with its original soups, high quality grilled wagyu beef and various izakaya menus.

At the restaurant, you can enjoy the beauty of 1500 year-old Japanese ceramics purchased directly by the owner, who travels to Japan to visit sake breweries and potteries in Okayama to find the best Japanese sake and Bizen ware. The owner has spent hours to create the great atmosphere of the restaurant.