Izakaya masuya

IZAKAYA MASUYA is the first izakaya-style restaurant in Australia, introducing Japanese sake (junmai-shu) from various areas in Japan.
At lunchtime, a range of takeaway menus including nutritiously-balanced BENTO (lunchbox) menus and a variety of sushi rolls and DONBURI (rice bowl) menus attracts local customers. Our sushi rolls prepared with brown rice and vegetarian rolls are popular among health-conscious customers. The store serves various dinner menus from delicious wagyu beef to grilled chicken, oden, kobachi dishes, and hot-pot menus. The owner of the store visits sake breweries in Japan and purchase only the best ones. The range of Japanese sake at the store is chosen after thorough discussions with sake sommeliers of our company with the consideration of food menus. The concept of the store is to convey the beauty of Japanese sake to the world including Australia.

Lunch menu

Mon – Fri
11:45 – 14:00

Dinner menu

Mon – Sat
18:00 – Late

Drink menu
Takeaway menu

IZAKAYA masuya

– 5 minutes walk from Wynyard station

IZAKAYA masuya

  • Grand floor 12-14 O'Connell St.
    Sydney NSW 2000 AUSTRALIA
  • +61(02) 9233 8181
  • +61(02) 9233 8989
  • LUNCH: Mon - Fri:11:45 - 14:00
    DINNER: Mon - Sat:17:45 - 22:00