Personnel development

Operations at the Business Management Department

We operate a staff exchange plan, in which working-holiday visa holders gain experience through training at our company to become able to work with Australian people.
Examples; training at restaurants in a winery, training at the Fish Market, etc.

Training for store managers

  • Analysis to monthly balance sheets
  • Boost of sales, staff development
  • Announcement of a monthly goal using various materials

Training for Chief Chefs

  • Analysis to monthly expenses for food ingredients and staff
  • Monthly discussion on recommended meals
  • Information gathering using various video materials

Training for kitchen hands

  • Announcement on a cleanness check
  • Achievement check with monthly goals
  • Opinion exchanges

Training for waitpersons

  • Analysis to daily reports
  • Discussions on promotions of wines / sake
  • Training for a customer service  according to monthly themes

Training by sake taster and sommelier

In September 2012, we held an event to promote for Japanese sake provided by Manazuru Brewery, Ichishima Brewery, Hakkaisan, Takanoi Brewery and Shirataky Brewery in Nigata Prefecture. Participants relished the charms of these sake served in cold, room temperature and hot along with meals prepared with Koshihikari rice from Niigata.

We provide monthly sales reports to sake breweries in Japan. In addition, we ask their topics of a month by emails / phone.<\blockquote>

Our staff visits wineries in a regular basis to be able to feel the beauty of wines with their five senses. We also support them to gain knowledge on wines by tasting, etc. to be able to utilize it for actual customer services.
Our staff has a privilege of participating in in-house lectures on wines and table manners for a work-skill improvement.

Our unique training

At Sydney Fish Market, the second largest fish market in the world, our chefs start their day every morning to find the best local seafood of a day. They also constantly discuss on seasonally-available ingredients including vegetables and fruits to update menus and to decide daily menus.
Our staff makes an actual visit to popular restaurants to learn and analyze its atmosphere, customer service, presentation of dishes, and the trend of flavours. With allocated budgets, our staff including those with a working-holiday visa visit popular restaurants regularly in order to improve our services using voices of the participants on these restaurants.
Visit to organic markets