GOTOKU International’s services include nurturing global personnel in the hospitality business such as restaurants, promoting Japanese food ingredients and sake in Australia, as well as creating a path for Japan to become a tourist country with sake breweries as an opinion leader.

The distributor of high quality Australian seafood including tuna and other local fish delivers fresh seafood everyday selected by Mr. Ishii, a Japanese pioneer in the industry.

The family-run fish market operated for over 30 years is very popular among local people as they provide the best quality, fresh seafood. In 2015, it was awarded with the Seafood Excellence Awards.

After a new business partnership was made in 2014, the food store continues supplying fresh meat mainly within Sydney. Since its establishment in 2006, L&K Food International has established strong relationships with producers and livestock farms. It supplies locally produced meats to restaurants, clubs, butchers, and major supermarkets.

To provide mainly NSW with high quality meats including Australia’s best David Black More Wagyu, the meat wholesale company develops its services with a fusion of traditional meat distribution methods and the world’s high level technologies. Using a tracking system called RFID tags, the company maintains the traceability of its meats from a livestock farm to a store, at which customers purchase these meats. Mr. Anthony of the CEO is well-known for his reliability as he is very popular among Australian chefs at famous local restaurants and hotels, etc.

Victor Churchill was established in 1876 by James Churchill. The fourth owner of Mr. Victor re-designed this traditional store in 2009 together with Mr. Anthony, the son of the president of Vic’s Meat Company according to the concept of a globally rare ‘boutique butcher’. The store supplies only the best quality meats. It is planning to open a branch in NY. Under the cooperation with Mr. Anthony, our company helped the business as a consultant when importing wagyu from Japan. This is one of the trustable stores in Sydney, at which only high quality meats can be found.

LOWE WINES is famous as an organic winery. This owner is the vice president of the New South Wales Wine Society. We hold event every October, inviting Japanese corporates, winery owners and sommeliers.

Operated by Andrew Margan and Lisa Margan, MARGAN Winery is situated in Hunter Valley, which is approx. two-hour drive from Sydney. Their multiple-award winning restaurant is very popular as they serve dishes prepared with vegetables from their own gardens.

VISANET is a visa agency with the most proven records in the Japanese society for acquisitions of various visas including business visa, student visa and permanent residency visa.

The ad company has the most experienced in Japanese society. After conveying advertisement materials to Sydney for over 30 years, the company now distributes information on its website.

Malcolm Greenwood Ceramics supplies handmade tableware to businesses including Masuya Restaurant. Malcolm Greenwood’s work can be found at Park Hyatt Hotel, Southern Cross Lodge, as well as executive restaurants throughout Australia.

Robart Toland is an architect, whose work can be found across Australia. Not only he has successfully operated projects with Mr. Shigeru Ban in Australia, but in Japan, he also enthusiastically takes part in the development activities in Niseko, as well as in other Asian places. Toland’s has worked especially on restaurants, residential buildings, office buildings, public facilities, etc.

The café of Ms. Setsuko from Nagano Prefecture is very popular among local customers. The business also supplies arranged flowers for the first class of Qantas Airways, as well as flower art for a variety of large-scaled events.

Jams. TV is an information website specially designed for Japanese people living in Australia. With a multiple number of pages including, Living, Jobs, Selling, Community, Services, Classified after going back to Japan, as well as news in Australia and local information.

doq provides its services to various customers from shopping arcades in downtown to national-scaled projects. The media company combine different cultures and the sense of values using their unique viewpoint, from which Japan can be observed externally, and connects the businesses of their clients and the dwellers in the world by applying their ideas. The company is currently in charge of our website. Our company and doq sometimes take part in government-related work together.