We support young talents by finding local jobs after they complete a designated work period at our company. Moreover, we offer job opportunities for these young people at local companies in Japan and overseas, as well as we provide references for them.

(Employers of our ex-trainees) popular restaurants in local areas, such as wineries in Australia and Fish Markets, some start their own business as a restaurant owner, becoming a restaurant manager in overseas, or a candidate of a restaurant business executive.

Eight countries
English-speaking environment

For permanent residency / business visa holders

We are looking for people:

  • who have strong ambitions that continue nurturing them,
  • who wish to learn know-how on and management methods of popular stores in Sydney,
  • who are planning to run their own restaurant in the future,
  • who can work for us for at least two years as a non-negotiable condition

Salaries / work conditions

  • Weekly payment basis
  • A gross salary of $1000 – $1400 for full-time staff
  • Working only either lunchtime / dinnertime is allowed
  • Candidates should preferably have experience in the industry for at least three years, however, we consider hiring those with a permanent residency visa, seeking a job opportunity in hospitality from a different industry or starting an apprentice.

For working-holiday / student visa holders

We are looking for people:

  • who are determined to take any challenges in Australia,
  • who are interested in various ingredients, in cooking or anything about food,
  • who are a waitperson, loving to provide a great time to their customers and wishing to improve their English skills,
  • who want to try to save up to a goal amount with weekly payments,
  • who are looking for a future sponsor for a business visa, or wishing to acquire a permanent residency visa.

Salary / work conditions

  • Candidate must be able to work for at least six consecutive months.
  • Salary is determined after interviews based on experience.
  • After a completion of the first month of a training period, performance evaluations are conducted in each certain period to determine an increase level for salaries.


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