Business management of seven popular restaurants (to become eight in December 2019)

・ Recruitment / education  ・ Menu development  ・ Business analysis and promotion

Masuya Japanese Restaurant

IZAKAYA masuya

Miso Japanese "Teishoku"

Sushi Bar Makoto Chatswood

Masuya Suisan

Makoto Bento

Izakaya Michi

Consulting service for Japanese food ingredient providers (wagyu, Japanese sake, fresh seafood, rice, etc.)

We coordinate an inspection visit to Australia for businesses in agriculture, livestock farming, fisheries, and breweries in Japan from planning, travelling with them and to providing lecturers on the current states in Australia.
Our popular ‘menu comparison’ using Australian ingredients (available only at Masuya) gives an opportunity to compare tastes of local ingredients through lectures. We provide a consulting service for the promotion of food ingredients from Japan and other countries to Australia. (currently occurring once to twice a month in Australia)

Support for opening restaurants in overseas

We support your business from Japan and other countries to open restaurants in Sydney. (lectures operated in Japan / 2-3 times a year)
We can also help inspections to properties before opening a restaurant and organizing business meetings, as well as business cooperation (technologies and personnel) and capital tie-up, etc.
Our door is also open to businesses, which are planning to strengthen their competitiveness domestically / internationally by implementing M&A.

Other activities in the Sydney area

Being part of the projects to a school establishment at Sydney Fish Market
Proposal and support for an establishment of schools for Japanese food (sushi) in Sydney
Taking part in the concept creation for the project for Japanese towns with cooperation with developers.

Catering service

We at Masuya International take orders for our catering services for various events, seminars and parties. Our service is designed thoroughly to fulfill the satisfaction of our customers. Menus and prices are to be determined upon discussions with our customers to understand the themes of the events including meetings, wedding, events, etc.

Our company is not one of those ‘food delivery’ businesses (yes although we do delivery as well). We devote ourselves to convey a memorable experience to our customers with our production and planning while being aware that we are looking after the most important time and space for them. Events at wineries, those for Japanese governments and opening events for developers are some of them we have looked after with our catering service.

Please feel free to contact us.

Event of a Japanese government (November 2012)
Event at LOWE Winery (October 2012)

Obento service

We take orders for obento (lunchbox) for outdoor events, conferences, meetings, parties, ceremonial occasions, etc.
Using only carefully-selected ingredients to maintain its quality, we deliver safe and reliable obento boxes, which have been highly applauded by our customers.
Orders for obento are taken as small as for one box. We can also cater for orders with a large number upon pre-discussions. Special obento box can be also arranged according to your budgets.

Click below to view takeaway menus of our restaurants (for your inquiry, please contact each store directly by email or telephone).

Promotion of the employment of global personnel for Japanese restaurants, hotels and inns

We build strong relationship with restaurants, hotels and inns in Japan for our ex-staff to be able to maximize their spirit of hospitality after they go back to Japan. We are enthusiastic in promoting the employment of personnel, who play a role of a bridge between Australia and Japan by conducting staff exchange.